ABOUT Enhance Health

Enhance Health was an idea by husband and wife GP and Exercise Physiology back in 2016. Whilst living in a remote town called Cooktown, the idea of Allied Health was non-exitant, and people either had to wait for a FIFO allied health practioiner, or travel 4 hours by car to Cairns for rehab. Other areas had to travel further.


An idea arose of online exercise prescription to assit people recovering from surgery or injuries. And Enhance Health was born.


Due to having the birth of their first child, enhance health was put on hold, but in the background it continued to grow, more education and more knowledge to assist people in their roles and today we have enhance health group



Our Mission is to help people with injuries rehabilitate as quickly as possible, without having to travel long distances to a physio to do so. We understand that injuries can prevent you from work, sport, social life and so much more, and so our mission is to help you back to health, in your own safe place as quick as possible.

Our Values
  • We will act honestly at all times
  • Our clients can trust us for the right advice
  • We will act with integrity
  • We will be fully transparent with everything we do
  • We will work efficiently
  • We will give the highest level of service
  • We will genuinely care about each of our patients

Nick Carter and Candice Simpson-Carter are the founders and managers of Enhance Health group and strives to push the business forward, helping more people every day.

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